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We help to build a business structure for entrepreneurs' first steps, bringing academia and the different actors in the Innovation ecosystem together, promoting actions that boost the innovation environment such as fostering the culture of entrepreneurship in the academic environment of UFPA/ALTAMIRA.


​Promote the protection, application and dissemination of knowledge , as well as innovative entrepreneurship in favor of the competitiveness and sustainable development of the Xingu Region. Support the creation and consolidation of competitive enterprises based on Science and Technology, training entrepreneurs and disseminating knowledge and skills generated at UFPA .



In 2018, the Xingu Business Incubation Program was created, a pioneering initiative in the Xingu region that aims to meet local demands for specialized services in the creation and positioning of technology-based companies in the market, taking advantage of the potential of Resources and biodiversity .


Through qualification and training programs, aimed at training businessmen-entrepreneurs who know the market and their competitors, the Xingu Business Incubator acts proactively and based on effective strategies to satisfy its customers, positioning and/or repositioning companies in order to maximize the value of your business .

Find out more details about our operation by downloading the Operation Manual.

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