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A   The Xingu Incubator was installed on the UFPA campus in Altamira, through the PDRSX Project – 279/2017 “Innovation Environment in Xingu” . Proposed by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Technical and Technological Education – SECTEC of the State of Pará. It aims to promote the development of actions for the consolidation of innovative enterprises, fostering new business and investment perspectives in the Xingu region.

The preferred areas for investment are: Agribusiness, Natural Products, Food, Fruit Growing, Cocoa, Chocolate, Honey, Cassava, Milk, Oils, Seeds, Cosmetics, Herbal Medicines, Artisanal Fishing or Tourism.

The “Innovation Environment in Xingu” project aims to increase the potential of local entrepreneurship, boost the regional economy and integrate the regions of the State. In addition to seeking partnerships to create innovation environments. The main planned actions are the implementation of technology parks, knowledge hubs and Business Incubators focused on the region's specificities, as implemented on the UFPA Campus in Altamira.

A unique opportunity for academics and entrepreneurs in the region looking to expand their business or project. Registration is open through this address. Access the full notice here

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