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Attracting Investments

It is necessary to take advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion. And, for this to be possible, one element cannot be missing: capital.

Networking com Setor agro

Every company needs to cultivate a network of people or other companies that exchange information and knowledge with each other.

Digital presence training

Being able to be seen digitally as a place that delivers to a certain audience means that sales volume will also increase naturally.

Support for creating MVV

Defining a company's Mission, Vision and Values is fundamental to building a strong organizational identity.

Physical structure

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The space to be used by the contractor is located at the headquarters of the Xingu Incubator , Annex II of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering.

  • Electricity, water, internal telephone extension and internet access;

  • Individual area modules, bathrooms (male, female and PCD), pantry, administration room, co-working and meeting room;

  • Cleaning, maintenance and surveillance of common areas of the building.

Administrative Structure

Local Coordination
Appointed by the Coordination of the Altamira Campus and with the approval of the Management of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering.

  • Responsible for executive functions, applying the guidelines established by the regulations (Manual and Internal Regulations);

  • Submits UNIVERSITEC for approval of proposals for Contracts and Agreements, as well as technical financial reports;

  • Develops and coordinates the implementation of projects, acquisition of material resources and expenses;

  • Articulates the relationship between companies and the various units of UFPA, Government spheres and Science, Technology and Innovation institutions/centers;

  • Analyzes performance reports of incubated enterprises and the selection process of interns/scholars.

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